The department offers courses to prepare candidates for the degree Bachelor of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics . Agricultural Economics has much to do with the business of Farm Management which concerns the making of farm business decision that tend to maximize net income and consistent with the objectives of the farm.

The departments curriculum tries to satisfy the three domains of curriculum planning, notably, cognitive, effective and psycho-motor domains. Undergraduates of the programme will be initially given basic courses in basic agriculture with specialization later in Agricultural Economics. This training will equip the students for diverse careers in education and research, banking industry, government and private enterprise. The student on graduation should be able to:

  • Establish and manage an agro-business
  • Serve as an adviser in the setting up and running of cooperative organization.
  • Advise on a full or consultancy basis on the management of scarce agricultural resources
  • Serve as project evaluator and manager for banks interested in agricultural programmes.
  • Serve as extension officers for the ministry of Agriculture.
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Dr.Emeka Nzeh
Head of Agric Economics and Extension Department
Ph.D (Nig), M.Sc (Nig), B.Agric. Tech. (FUTO) (Agricultural Economics) with Bias in Resource and Environmental Economics)
About Head of Department
Dr. Emeka Celestine Nzeh is trained as an Agricultural Economist at University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Federal University of Technology Owerri, with a strong and sound background in Resource and Environmental Economics. He is a Ph.D holder in Agricultural Economics with bias in Resource and Environmental Economics at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Dr. Emeka Nzeh has published quite a number of works in books, local and international journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, policy brief, research papers, newsletters, national newspapers among others.Dr. Emeka is currently a member of so many international and local organizations among them are International Development Economic Associates [IDEAs] New Delhi, India, The International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) New Delhi, India, The African Society for Ecological Economics (ASEE) Scotland, UK, African Technology Policy Studies Network (ATPS) Nairobi, Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists (NAAE), Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN), Agricultural Policy Research Network (APRNet), Nigeria Association for Energy Economics (NAEE), African Heritage Institution (AfriHeritage) as well as African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE).
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Emeka NZEH Ph.D (Nig), M.Sc (Nig), B.Agric. Tech.
(FUTO) (Agricultural Economics) with Bias in
Resource and Environmental Economics
Doctor. Resource and Environmental Economics
Akubuilo C.J.C B.Sc(Nig), M.Ed(New York),M.SC(Nig) Ph.D (Nig) Professor phone: 08033091755 Agric Extension
Mgbada J.U. B.SC(Nig), PGDE(Asutech), M.Sc(Asutech),Ph.D(Esut) Professor Agric. Extension
b. Prof. J.O. Alimba (MSc, Ph.D. Agric. Economics Professor E-mail: Agric. Economics
Ugwu D.S Ph.D(Nig),M.SC(Nig),B.Agric(Nig) Senior Lecturer E-mail: Agricultural Economics
Emmanuel E. Umebali ... professor 08033165816, Agric cooperateive
Pro.Donatus O.Ohajianya ... professor 08035438019, Mathematical Economics
Prof. Charles Uchenna ... adjunct Professor 08037464581 Agric Extension
Gilson Umeh .... Adjunct senior lecturer 08035673487, Agric. Extension
Ugwu J.N B.Sc(Nig), M.Sc (Nig) Ph.D(EBSU) Lecturer I 08020858137, Farm Management and Production Economics
Mbgakor M.N B.Sc,PG.D,M.Sc Lecturer II 07032361922 Agric. marketing
Ochiaka D.C B.Agric (Nig),M.Sc.(Nig) Ph.D(EBSU) Doctor 08035075128, Agric Finance and project Analysis
UKE PAULINUS CHUKWUEMEKA M.Sc Degree (Agric Extension) 2010 B.Agric 2001 ON 1987 Lecturer II 08169066791/ Agric Economics
Mr.Abani Harold Chukwuemeka Technologist II mobile:08165129050
Chukwuede Juliana I. Secretary mobile:07033560384,
Mrs. Ifeanyi Anthonia Uchechukwu head office attendant mobile:07030909532