The Department of Agronomy and Ecological Management encompasses two sub-areas of Agriculture viz: Soil Science and Crop Science. The Crop Science programme is concerned with the application of Science and Technology to the production of major food and horticultural crops, useful plants, vegetables, ornamental crops and forestry. This branch of Agriculture involves breeding of high yield crops and development of appropriate Technology for crops production and forestry management. The Soil Science and Ecological Management option is concerned mainly with the study of chemistry, mineralogy, physics and biology of the soils, which in turn gives rise to the fertility, conservation, management soils and Ecological management of the Environment.

In the meantime, the natural resources (Food crops, useful plants, animals and land) which form the mainstay of the livelihoods of most African are being rapidly degraded. The degradation manifests itself in many ways, mostly noticeable in deforestation, in the loss of plan genetic resources. In extreme cases, the loss is irreversible resulting in the extinction races of precious indigenous food crops and other useful plants. The Departments of teach courses and carried out research that seek to solve these ecological problems through production/development of well trained, well equipped and motivated individuals capable of developing, adapting and disseminating technology that promote the sustainable use of Nigeria’s natural resources.

The academic contents of the courses offered in the Departments of Soil Science and Ecological Management & Crops Science and Forestry Management to produce people that are capable of:-

  • Improving the productivity, profitability and sustainability of field and horticultural crop farming systems and to improve utilization of crop out puts.
  • Characterizing land and water resources emphasizing the identification of soil, climate and water constraints to Agricultural production, and to develop Technologies that overcome the constraints and ensure the sustainable use of soil and assist in the introducing, domesticating, management and utilization of trees and shrubs suited to the specific needs of developing

Projects in Departments of Soil and Ecological Management and Crop Science and Forestry Management cover the following area:-

  • Soil and Water Conservation
  • Soil fertility Improvement
  • Use of Forages
  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Plant genetic Conservation and Breeding
  • Plant Protection
  • Crop Nutritive value
  • Resource base Conservation
  • Resource base Conservation
  • Management and domestication of trees, and
  • Development and Improvement of Forestry Research.


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PROF. O.E. Ngwu
Head of Department
B.Agric (Nig), M.Sc.(Nig), Ph.D (Nig) (Soil water conservation and Management)
About Head of Department
(A) PERSONAL DATA CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Department of Agronomy & Ecological Management Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management. Enugu State University of Science And Technology, P.M.B. 01660, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria. PHONE NUMBER: 08036764402, 08035504697. EMAIL: (b) Academic qualifications: institutions qualifications area of date attended study University of Nigeria b. Agric (hons) soil science 1985 University of Nigeria M.Sc. (soil science) soil fertility 1994 and Microbiology University of Nigeria Ph.d (Soil Science) Soil/ Water, 2005 Conservation and Management (c) previous work experience: agronomist/subject matter specialist (soils) in hilal firm –a firm of soil testing analysis, research consultants from 1987-1998 (d) previous work experience: Associate Professor /research scientist in Agronomy and Ecological Management; Enugu State University of science and Technology from 1999 till date. present rank: Professor /Head of department of Agronomy and Ecological Management. membership of professional/affiliated bodied (1) Soil Science society of Nigeria (sssn) (2) Nigerian Conservation foundation (ncf) (3) Agricultural society of Nigeria (asn) (4) Rice Biotechnology, Winthrop, U.S.A (5) Member Accreditation Team National Board for Technical Education, kaduna editorship association editor: (wilo lud online journals) (1) continental journal of agronomy (2) continental journal of agricultural science extra curriculum activities reading, research/farming. CREATIVE ACTIVITIES A. BOOKS 1. M.AN. Anikwe V.N. Onyia’ O.E. NGWU, CN Mba, (2005) ecophisiology and cultivation practices of arable crops 2. NGWU, O.E. (2006) Fundamentals of soil Science for Colleges and Universities. 3. NGWU, O.E. (2010) Basic Farm Survey and Management MONOGRAPHS & THESIS 1. NGWU, O.E. (1985). Predicting Rainfall Characteristics using Erosivity Indices (B. Agric) Thesis, University of Nigeria Nsukka 2. NGWU, O.E. (1994). The Effects of Soil Amendment with Agriculture Wastes on Corn Growth, Nitrate-Nitrogen Loss and Soil pH. (M.Sc) 3. NGWU, O.E. (2005). Testing the Efficiency of Methods of Evaluating Soil Productivity in Nsukka, South Eastern Nigeria (Ph.D) Thesis, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
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O.E. Ngwu B.Agric(Nig), M.Sc.(Nig), Ph.D (Nig) (Soil water conservation and management) Professor. 08036764402, soil water conservation and management
M.A.N Anikwe HND,PG.D(Nig),M.Sc.(ESUT),Ph.D(Nig)(Soil Physics and conservation) Professor, :+2348033387354 Mobile . Soil Physics
C.N Mbah B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D (Nig) Professor Soil Physics/ Enviromental Mgt
G.C. Onyishi B. Agric., M.Sc., Ph.D (Crop Production) Senior Lecturer 08037417658 farmer
V. Onyia B.Sc M.Sc (Zaria) Ph.D Doctor No:08038453140 Plant Breeding and Genetics
S. Awere B.Sc, M.Sc (Nig) Lecturer 11 08037429196 (ECONOMIC ENTOMOLOGY
G.C.E. Okechukwu B. Agric., M.Sc. (Nig) assistant Lecturer PHONE NO:08037448679." CROP PRODUCTION
V. N. Ede B. Agric., M.Sc (Nig) assistant Lecturer +2348037810649/ Plant Breeding and Genetics
Obiora Ruth Ukamaka Chief executive officer 08067117019,
Onyia Innocent Nnaemezie Higher executive officer 08033530132
Ojobor Charles Chijioke Technologist II 08064645196,
Ikengayia Ejike E. ... ...
Chukwu Chinenye ...